A-206 Rajlaxmi complex,
Old Padra Road,
Vadodara - 7

Digital Art Installation

Category Projection Mapping
Date January, 2015
Client Vadfest

Vadfest is one of the biggest multi art and cultural festival organized in the cultural capital of Gujarat – Vadodara. Vadodara is renowned for its rich heritage, fine arts, performing arts, iconic architecture, industrious nature and academic infrastructure. VadFest was organized to embark Vadodara as the Cultural Capital of India. VadFest showcased some of the finest performances, illustrious artists and programs remarkably kaleidoscopic in diversity. From royal and street cuisines, vintage car show, pop-up bazaars, to dance and mega concerts, the festival had offering for everyone.

Creativity, Innovation and Art runs in the veins of Experiencious. Being the home ground, the feeling and joy of perform becomes double. Experiencious did the Projection Mapping on the 3D rectangular objects. The projection mapping was delight for the eyes. The projection mapping portrayed deep connection between art, culture, tradition and Vadodara. The projection mapping also lighted up the ambiance and created the feeling of panache at the festival. This Demo was made as proof of concept.

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