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The Agency

A digital-forward creative studio making brands live up to their full potential.

The Experiencious

Way back when Experiencious took its first breath in the year 2009, it marked the beginning of digital evolution. Based out of Cultural Capital of Gujarat Vadodara, Experiencious is a leading research centred creative digital agency. It is a fast moving Experience design company with colourful ideas and motivated team members. At Experiencious, passion is all about sketching the digital canvas that speaks the language of innovation, creativity and technology. The curiosity of travelling on new roads, striking new ventures and constructing new ideas have always been the epicentre at Experiencious. The work, inspiration and people have taken Experiencious for the joy ride that clients love to be in! Years of experience in digital platform have enabled Experiencious to fly high and achieve very important triumph. The chronicle journey of Experiencious filled with experiences, emotions and success has broken the barriers of creative restriction. The concept driven Experiencious have shown great enthusiasm by playing all the right chords.

The Wha’tale’

Experiencious is not a concrete box, but is a lab where the creative juices are squeezed out to create ideas that leads to innovation. The technology combined with art, design and emotions builds advance connections between brands and their audiences. Innovation and urge to create is what keeps Experiencious up at night and makes it dream in the morning. All the creations have a purpose to help brands engage with their customers so that there is a healthier conversation which drive brand consideration. A successful brand-customer integration is what that brings a big smile. At Experiencious, tales are written every moment. Interactive communication topped with digital essence is the speciality at Experiencious. New age digital technology is marinated with customer centric ingredients to prepare the perfect dish.

The Pro‘tale’

Right from the beginning, Experiencious have always been in the driver's seat, creatively playing with the digital colours. Experiencious have effectively adopted the changes in the digital ecosystem and hence is one of the most admired child. Complex things are made simple through digital strategies and design. Taking on the challenge is the reason of excitement. The never-ending progression of technology means there is a continuous need of experimentation and exploration. The work culture lives and breathe the quest for innovation and creation. Experiencious works for the brand by working with the brand. It strongly believes that great things are achieved from collaboration. The ideology of digital-personal connection allows Experiencious to look at a brand as a connected system of experience, with its mission driving everything at its core.

Mission Statement

  Bake Innovation and Creativity with technology to serve the most amazing experiences.

  Take on new roads to explore the digital land.

  Creating the perfect canvas with art and technology.

Vision Statement

  To conquer the digital planet with the artillery of technology, art and innovation.

Interaction Artist

Pushkar Nagwekar

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

About Founder

Say Hi to Pushkar Nagwekar!

Father of Experiencious Pushkar Nagwekar is a hard core Digital Sculptor by interest and profession. From the land of art and cultural progression, the founder has inherited the DNA of creative intellect in himself. The baby of Pushkar Experiencious was born in the year 2009. Since then, the small child has grown to become one of the most eminent Interaction design agency with its international client base.

Being the digital painter, Pushkar has done masters in Interaction Design from INTERACTION DESIGN INSTITUTE OF IVREA, lvrea-Domus. To top the cake with cherry, he has also been invited to Interactive Arts Residency at FABRICA. To ignite the creative minds, the founder also teaches New Media Design at the prestigious National Institute of Design and M.S. University - vadodara.

As an Interaction Artist, Pushkar is committed to introduce unique and innovative ways through which digital and real-life ecosystem can be marinated together to bake the perfect experience. The founder also takes keen interest in the convergence of art and technology that provides out of the box experience to the clients. The focal point of Pushkar also lies in the integration of design and technology to promote the well-being of the society.

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