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Educational AR Application

Category Augmented Reality
Date September, 2013
Client Aquardguard

Aquaguard is the best selling water purifier and RO system in India from the house Eureka Forbes. Eureka Forbes started as a small firm to introduce domestic water purifier – the Aquaguard and is now a multi-product, multi-channel organization. Since 1982, Aquaguard has helped India drink pure water.

Experiencious developed an Augmented Reality app known as Auqadoc for Apple IOS and Google Android. Magical world of Paani ka Doctor was created by simply placing the camera on the comic marker. The campaign was carried out in more than 250 schools across India to educate kids and spread the awareness of drinking dirty water.The interactive augmented graphics were successful in catching the attraction of the kids and made them read the comic strip. The mobile application platform helped Aquaguard reach maximum kids and their parents. The noble idea helped Aquguard brand its products among the grown-up and spread the message among the small toddlers.

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