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Store in Store Launch

Category Augmented Reality
Date February, 2015
Client Tata Astrum

Tata Astrum, the brand for HR Sheets & Coils from Tata Steel, is the new star in the manufacturing marquee that will redefine the norms of the market by virtue of its impeccable quality and best-in-class service offerings. TATA Astrum launched their store-in-store concept in Grand Hyatt, Goa. The launching event witnessed many prominent industrial leaders and Senior Management Team of TATA.

Experiencious being the master of innovation and creative technology proposed the concept of Augmented Reality for TATA Astrum Store – in – Store launch.Through the Augmented Reality, the person launching the store can be seen at the store virtually. Through Augmented Reality person launching the store can be virtually seen at the store.The graphics rich and visually stunning Augmented Reality is a great way of remotely launching the store-in-store of TATA Astrum.Without being present at the store physically, Executives at TATA Astrum can remotely launch their store – in – store at different parts of the country.

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