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Social AR Installations

Category Augmented Reality
Date December, 2012
Client 9X0

9XO is an Indian English music television channel, broadcasted in India. 9xO is part of 9X Media – India’s largest music television network. 9xO channel is targeted at the upscale urban youth. It would air English and international music from across the globe. 9XO provides a platform called OmeGrown, for independent Indian music bands playing English music to showcase their talent. 9XO Music had their presence in MoodI festival, which is supposed to be the one of its kind college festival in Asia. MoodI is the perfect place to interact with youth as it is the pool of youth pouring in across the country.

Experiencious helped 9XO Music to gel in and pull the youth who would pass by the 9XO booth. RFID based Augmented Reality campaign was introduced by Experiencious, extending to social media so that 9XO could go viral among the young blood. Everyone visiting MoodI had to register at the festival entrance and they would get an RFID card with a unique code. Those you pass by the 9XO Music’s booth could see their augmented images on the screen. Using RFID based Augmented Reality, everyone visiting MoodI can tap their RFID card on the interactive installation and click photos of their candid moments and share it on Facebook. The 9XO Music branding was rocket high due to such innovation.

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