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Category 3D Hologram
Date May, 2013
Client Tanishq

Tanishq is a pan India, leading jewelry showroom from the house of TATAs. Tanishq, having pan India presence, is one of the first in the country to establish the trend of branded jewelry. Tanishq was launched as a range of jewelry and jewelry watches meant for the European & American markets, but later on shifted focus on Indian markets to tap the domestic opportunity too. Tanishq wanted to adopt more innovative ways to display their product range, solving their product display issue.

Experiencious gave very unique and innovative solution to solve their problem of creating display units in their showrooms. The concept of 3Dimensional Holographic Display was used which is a fully integrated 3D projection platform having an impression of real product in digital form. 3D Holographic Display unit is very trendy installation that used less floor area and offers a striking display of their different product range. 3D Holographic display is a new and unconventional concept in India. 3D Hologram easily attracts customer’s attention and provides a different shopping environment. The overall brand value of Tanishq also enhances as they are getting something new for the shoppers. This Demo was made as proof of concept.

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