A-206 Rajlaxmi complex,
Old Padra Road,
Vadodara - 7

Social AR Installations

Category Augmented Reality
Date December, 2011
Client IIT Mood Indigo

Mood Indigo (MoodI) is the annual cultural festival of IIT, Mumbai. It is one of the largest festival of its kind in Asia. Mood Indigo witnessed about 1,26,000 students from 1620 colleges across the nation and abroad. During the festival of Mood Indigo, which goes on for a few days, IIT Mumbai becomes the ocean of students who come in to take part in different activities.

Colgate wanted to connect with maximum youth and educate them about the importance of mouth rinsing after meal through the branding of Colgate Plax – new launch from the house of Colgate. Experiencious, beautifully crafted ground level digital campaign to launch Colgate Plax and make it go viral among the youth. Using RFID based Augmented Reality, everyone visiting MoodI can tap their RFID card on the interactive installation and click photos of their candid moments and share it on Facebook. The Colgate Plax branding created the buzz of mouth rinsing after meals and its importance.

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