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AR Gaming Platform

Category Augmented Reality
Date September, 2015
Client NavNeet

Navneet is the kids favourite, bringing smiles on the young toddlers face since 1959. Navneet is an Indian multinational dealing in Educational and children Books Publishing, Scholastic, paper stationery and non-paper stationery products. Navneet has always been innovative with its product range. With increase in competition, many companies are coming up with product ranges similar to that of Navneet. Navneet will provide kids just the books the kids were looking for!

Experiencious made the cover of the Navneet’s book a gaming platform. The cover of the book will act as the base of the game. Using the technology of Augmented Reality, the cover of the book will act like the backdrop of the game. It is one of its kind technique to be ever used in India.Navneet will carry the legacy of being innovative as it will be the first in India to make use of Augmented Reality gaming for its long book. The interest of playing new game will push the children to buy only Navneet’s books. This will help Navneet achieve matchless sales figures and beat the competitors in all the aspects. The overall branding of Navneet will touch the sky.

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