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Interactive Gesture Game

Category Interactive Games
Date September, 2012
Client Frooti

Footi, launched in 1985, is one of the best-selling mango flavored drinks in India having a majority of market share in mango drink segment. Frooti is also available in many international markets. Frooti being the pioneer in mango drink segment and aware of the rising competition, wanted to do reach out to the maximum youth of the nation in order to enhance its brand presence among the young ones.

Experiencious made an Augmented Reality game based on multiple motion sensing and is connected to Facebook in real time. The ecosystem of the game is such that it enables the player to interact and control the game-play with the help of gestures. The gaming campaign was conducted in more than 120 colleges across India. The gaming system consisted of a camera screen and an Augmented Reality Software. After the game is over, scores are posted on the contestant’s Facebook page with the pictures.The gaming experience provided maximum involvement of the youth and the frooti branding left a huge impact on the students.

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