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Mobile Application Launch

Category 3D Hologram
Date September, 2014
Client HSBC

HSBC's origins in India date back to 1853, when the Mercantile Bank of India was established in Mumbai. The Bank has since, steadily grown in reach and service offerings, keeping pace with the evolving banking and financial needs of its customers. In India, the Bank offers a comprehensive suite of world-class products and services to its corporate and commercial banking clients as also to a fast growing personal banking customer base. To make banking more convenient for their clients, HSBC bank launched their mobile banking application.

Experiencious made 3D Holographic display to launch of the HSBC Mobile Application in 6 cities across India. The cutting-edge technology of Holographic Display is based on fully integrated 3D projection platform. The virtual, digital display of 3D imagery will enhance the viewing experience to pull the attraction of the viewers. The display used the version of the Pepper’s Ghost illusion to create a three-dimensional image that is interactiveand engaging. Unlike their life-sized counterparts, these holographic illusions are smaller in size, allowing simple, small-scale presentations.

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