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Old Padra Road,
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Virtual Promotor

Category Projection Mapping
Date November, 2014
Client Astral

Discover the world of superior designs and the marvels of engineering that keeps home seamlessly connected inside out. Astral pipes bring to you the evolved form of crafting homes with the most reliable and state-of-art pipes and plumbing systems. Astral Poly Technik Limited was established in 1999 with a single minded purpose to manufacture absolutely the best plumbing & drainage system in India.

Experiencious created a striking virtual promoter to represent and showcase various products in trade fairs and exhibitions. The virtual promoter is a distinctive mix of digital platform and real file application. It provides a personalized experience to the viewers visiting them in trade shows and exhibitions. The visitors get to know about the company and the products in the most unique way which promotes the brand value and trust in the customer’s mind.

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